LaserVault Virtual tape – DRaaS

ITSG it taking Virtual tape to the next level.  Most customers are sending virtual tape images to the cloud. It does you no good to send your IBM i data to Azure, Softlayer, Google Drive or any other Cloud provider if there is not an IBM i on the other end. 

IT Solutions Group  Hybrid solution attaches an IBM i to your Cloud Data.   No more downloading your huge tape images from one of the other cloud providers.  ITSG has you covered.


The features and benefits of ITSG LV DRaaS:

  • Cloud Data is immediately available to IT Solution Group IBM i
  • 12-hour recovery time objective (RTO)
  • Data stored in our highly secured SAEE-16 certified data centers
  • A fixed monthly subscription fee means this unique IBM i disaster recovery solution becomes an operating expense rather than a capital expenditure

Experience peace of mind with ITSG  LaserVault Virtual tape – DRaaS

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