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IT Solutions Group Celebrates 15 Years

From humble beginnings in November, 2000, ITSG today serves the HA/DR and system management needs of customers across 38 states as well as Canada and the Caribbean.

In November, 2000, after 12 years with IBM, and then a stint with a large Premier IBM business partner, Matt Staddler started IT Solutions Group (ITSG) with a vision for an IBM i (then iSeries) consulting company to help customers execute data migrations, OS upgrades, and PTF level management. In 2002 that vision expanded to include data resiliency consulting when it became one of the first North American distributors for Maxava, a New Zealand-based provider of […]

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i-Hosting-i and PowerHA for IBM i

Geographic Mirroring (geomirror) is the host-based replication that comes with the operating system and is typically used with internal disk.  i-Hosting-i with Geomirror is perfect for smaller clients with internal storage.

  • Every business, regardless of size, needs a disaster-recovery/high-availability solution.
  • The PowerHA solution is cost-conscious for SMBs and large enterprises.
  • An i-hosting-i PowerHA implementation is well suited for smaller clients because of its simplicity.
  • PowerHA benefits include higher resiliency, IT operational simplicity and time savings.


ITSG has capitalized on the PowerHA solution that is designed to scale from small to midsized businesses (SMBs).  PowerHA Geographic Mirroring […]

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IBM Power System i Journaling: To cache or not to cache

The use of journaling is a common denominator for most High Availability solutions.  It seems many people are a bit intimidated by this. Frankly, if a journal/journal receiver is not set up and managed correctly, it can and will bring your system to a halt. For this reason, most HA solutions offer a built-in journal management function. However, it is still important to have at least a basic understanding of the journaling function.

CPU overhead associated with journaling

Figure 1 shows performance on a client system during our HA implementation.  Prior to ITSG starting journaling, the nightly process ran 50 Minutes.  The impact […]

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IBM’s Capacity Backup (CBU) for Power Systems – Another Great HA and DR Incentive

Having a reliable high availability (HA) or disaster recovery (DR) system ensures your business can continue to operate despite a disaster – no matter how big or small. In today’s highly regulated and competitive markets, it’s critical that organizations of every size have a reliable strategy for quickly recovering data and getting back to business. In order to achieve true high availability and disaster recovery you must have a backup system must be able to be accessed reliably. In fact, in the event of an outage or disaster that affects your production system, the second system that contains the backup […]

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Thank You IBM i CBU

Need Help Selling Your Management on HA for IBM Power System i?

IT Solutions Group has been selling and implementing High Availability solutions for the IBM Power System i since 2001. Most of our dialog is with Systems Operators, System Administrators and IT Managers.  One comment I hear all the time is “HA is too expensive”.  Or to put it another way, “C” Level management does not know the true cost of an HA solution.  Not to mention the risk associated with data loss.  At ITSG, we like to educate the client so they have an arsenal of information […]

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RPO I get no respect

When considering any backup solution it is important to assess two key metrics, RPO & RTO.  I put more value on RPO then RTO and here is why.

RPO (Recovery Point Objective) represents how frequently backups are taken, or put another way, how much data you are willing to lose.

RTO (Recovery Time Objective) The duration of time and a service level within which a business must be restored after a disaster or disruption.

RPO  needs to be taken EXTREMELY serious.  You must know where updates to your database are coming from.  Do you have control over reproducing those updates in the event of […]

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Are You Ready for PowerHA?


When it comes to high availability solutions for small and medium business, one of the most advanced solutions is PowerHA on IBM i. The reasons for the popularity of the solution are plentiful, yet some organizations still believe it is too complex for their needs. The truth is that PowerHA systems are simple to manage than previous HA solutions, especially with the help of an experienced solutions implementer like IT Solutions Group, Inc.

One of the key differences is in logical replication for backup. PowerHA technology uses shared storage clustering with the PowerHA SystemMirror, a volume group of disks connected to […]

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Back to the Future – With i hosting i

IBM first introduced Logical Partitioning on iSeries with Version 4 and 8xx hardware. A Primary partition was created, and all secondary partitions were dependent on it. If an IPL, or even a full system save, was done of the Primary, all Secondary partitions needed to be shut down. To minimize this disruption, the concept of a ‘thin Primary’ came about. This was more of a ‘management’ partition, having only the minimum operating system components required to support the Secondary partitions. As such, it rarely needed to be shut down.

With Power5 hardware and the HMC, the concept of Primary and Secondary […]

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Meet your “IBM Power System i” data’s NEW home away from home

shutterstock_168006722If your company’s disaster recovery solution is to back up your data to tape and store it off site, or to “vault” your data every 12 hours or so, your company may not have the protection it thinks it has. For a comprehensive backup solution of your valuable business assets, consider IT Solutions Group’s Library Replication for IBM Power System i as an alternative.

ITSG’s Library Replication for IBM Power System i offers an affordable online replication solution for small and mid-sized companies. This high quality business […]

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The IBM Power i Secret That Can Save You Time and Money … and Help You Rest Easy

The IBM Power i Secret That Can Save You Time and Money … and Help You Rest Easy

A company’s greatest asset is their business data. A company needs to house and manage this data in an environment that offers outstanding benefits and protection. Otherwise, an unavoidable disaster, like fire, earthquake, vandalism, storm, flood, theft, human error, or program or hardware failure, can cripple any company — small or large. One system that enables companies to thrive is the IBM i system and its backup capabilities.

According to IBM, over 150,000 companies in more than 115 countries around the world use the […]

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